Price is very crucial when it comes to purchasing any product. Alternatively, is this a lie? For rare products such as red mercury, it is hard to determine the real price without proper research. However, if you are looking to find out the red mercury price per gram, worry no more. The article will cover everything you need to know in this article, but before we get into that, you have to understand what red mercury is.

What is red mercury?

Is red mercury real? Why are there so many controversial theories about it? These are just some of the questions many ask.

According to some journals, red mercury is a cherry red liquid produced by irradiating mercury antimony oxide with elemental mercury in a Russian nuclear reactor. Some individuals think red mercury is very explosive and they can use it to trigger a fusion reaction in a deuterium-tritium or tritium mixture. However, the answer to what red mercury is depends hugely on which specialist to ask. The definitions will vary among different people.

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Below are some exciting definitions according to the Russian tritium fusion bomb on what red mercury is:

  • Cinnabar/Vermillion – it is a naturally occurring mercuric sulfide. Vermillion is a term given to the red color from either manufactured or natural cinnabar.
  • Mercury (II) Iodide – it is the alpha crystalline mercury iodide form known as red mercury that changes to yellow beta form at 127°C.
  • Any red-pigmented mercury substance that comes from Russia was called red during the cold way. There are no proofs of people who use mercury in this way, but it could be a possible definition.
  • Ballotechnic Mercury Compound – has a presumably red color. They are compounds that react very energetically because of high pressure. Over the years, there has been a contentious debate about the possibility of this substance as an explosive form of mercury.

According to other reports, red mercury is a military code name to describe a new nuclear compound. Sources say that this definition came from the extraordinarily high prices that people pay for any compound named red mercury and manufactured in Russia.

Therefore, what is the Red mercury price per gram in the streets?

As seen above, the real definition of red mercury is not precise. For this reason, you have to be extremely careful when purchasing red mercury in the streets. The vendor might be selling you a product that is not red mercury. According to reports, the street value of one kilo of red mercury is around 200-300 thousand dollars, which amounts to 200-300 dollars per gram.

What is the use of red mercury?

The red name is a legacy from the cold war era – a ballotechnic mercury substance that happens to be red. The compound has mercury antimony oxide believed to be a cherry red semi-liquid made in Russia nuclear reactors. According to reports, red mercury is composed of uncertain substances reportedly used to create atomic bombs as well as some unrelated weapon machines. Most people consider it a hoax, and there is no proof of the existence of such a product.

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What determines the Red mercury price per gram?

The vendor

An illegitimate vendor will be in business to reap you off. Mostly red mercury is a controversial compound, and most vendors know not many individuals know what it is. For this reason, fraudsters will take advantage of this and make the most cash on a single sale. It is up to you to find a trustworthy and reliable vendor who will sell red mercury to you at an affordable price without stealing from you. Another advantage of buying from a reputable seller is they will not sell fake ‘RED MERCURY’ to you. Some vendors will claim they have mercury yet they do not.

The distance

Note that most people believe that red mercury comes from Russia. How far you are from the source means you will pay some extra pennies. Remember this is an explosive and the vendor has delivered it discreetly to you, which means an additional cost.

So where can you buy red mercury?

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