If you are familiar with mercury and its products, then you know the story of red mercury is a controversial one. According to some sources, a mythical element supposedly possesses massive nuclear power. There is no credible evidence of its existence, but there are reports it was a made up story to scare people after the cold war.

However, red mercury exists. The contentious issue is if it plays any role in the nuclear sphere. It is no doubt that red mercury exists. There are some chemical journals and articles on this form of mercury. Additionally, there have been some deaths in individuals allegedly linked to the red mercury market such as Alan Kidger.

So, what exactly might red mercury be?

From several journals regarding the subject, red mercury is a cherry red liquid produced by irradiating elemental mercury with mercury antimony oxide in a Russian nuclear reactor. Some people think red mercury is extremely explosive and can be used to trigger a fusion reaction in a tritium or deuterium-tritium mixture. However, specialists have different answers as to what red mercury is. Responses mostly differ from one specialist to another.

Are there red mercury buyers?

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How buyers can obtain red mercury

If you head to Google, you will find many articles talking about different ways that you can get red mercury. Some will speak about mercury from street vendors while others will advise on purchasing it online. Although it is possible to buy from these two places, we would encourage you to purchase online as it comes with so many advantages. We are an online shop who has been in business for an extended period now. Buying products like red mercury online are safe since it enables you to remain anonymous during the transactions thanks to technologies such as TOR.

So how do you get red mercury online?

When purchasing red mercury online, it is essential to know the form and quality you are buying. Knowing exactly what you want to buy saves you from a lot of trouble. Red mercury is a rare product, you will find a variety of buyers and sellers online, and it might be confusing when trying to obtain what you need. If red mercury confuses you, we would advise you to do proper research or consult with a specialist before making a purchase. A specialist will help you determine the price, the amount, and all the crucial details you might need to know before making a purchase. A specialist is likely to know the right places where you can buy red mercury.

So where can you purchase red mercury online?

If you have noticed, as the online industry continues to grow, so is the number of shops selling different products. This applies to products such as mercury as well. If you google search “red mercury for sale” you will find many online vendors advertising their services. If you are not used to purchasing stuff online, the many sites might overwhelm you. Red mercury is usually priced per gram by different vendors.

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Final thoughts

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