There are many names and forms of mercury that some might confuse you. Those who read articles and journals that discuss mercury have probably come across the name metallic mercury. However, if you have not heard about it, do not worry. We got you. We will discuss everything you need to know about it.

Metallic or elemental mercury is the liquid metal that specialists use in button cell batteries, thermometers, electric switches, and some old remedies and religious rituals.

Metallic mercury toxicity

Mercury is a very poisonous and toxic element. The longer you breathe contaminated air or eat food with higher mercury levels the higher the health risks. If you inhale large amounts of mercury vapors, it can cause gastrointestinal, lung and damage to the nervous system. Additionally, exposure to high levels of metallic mercury can permanently damage the kidneys, brain, and a developing fetus. For this reason, all pregnant women should avoid any exposure to mercury at all cost. Mercury’s effects on the brain can cause tremors, affect hearing, memory issues, shyness, and irritability.

So how does metallic mercury look like?

Note that this is the pure form of mercury. Silver-white, shiny, odorless liquid is much denser than water. Specialists also use it in dental fillings and production of caustic soda and chlorine gas.

The use of metallic mercury in religious practices

Do not be surprised by this. It is a common practice, especially in some Hispanic communities. Metallic mercury is sold as azogue in stores, sometimes referred to as botanicals that specialize in religious items used in voodoo. Spiritualist, family members, or card readers can recommend the use of azogue. Mostly a person carries it in a sealed pouch made by a spiritual leader, or they sprinkle it in your home. Some can even suggest using it as a perfume or mixing in bath water.

Who is at risk of metallic mercury poisoning?

Exposure to mercury and the vapors it releases can come from medical treatments, dental work, or even a broken thermometer. Additionally, employees in chemical or other industries that use mercury are at risk of inhaling mercury.  Individuals who use mercury for religious purposes are also at risk of exposing themselves and their loved ones to the effects of metallic mercury. The reason why metallic mercury is very toxic is it vaporizes into the air at room temperatures thus posing an immediate health risk to any person spending a significant amount of time in a closed area where metallic mercury is. Using metallic mercury in an apartment or home will affect not only people residing in that building but also those who subsequently come to live in that building.

Can you prevent mercury poisoning?

Yes, you can. One way to do it is to avoid using metallic mercury altogether if you can. You can also take the precautions below

  • Avoid vacuuming up spilled mercury because it will vaporize and increase the risk of exposure.
  • Handle and dispose of product that has mercury such as fluorescent light bulbs and thermometers with care.
  • Immediately contact a doctor if you feel you suspect metallic mercury exposure.
  • Educate children about metallic mercury and tell them to avoid playing with silver and shiny liquids

Note that there are appropriate metallic mercury substitutes available for use. However, if you have to use metallic mercury, make sure you know how to store and dispose of it after use safely. It is essential to store it in a safe and secure place where others cannot access it. You should also use it in a controlled area to help with the risk of exposing other people.

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Final thoughts

Metallic mercury is extremely hazardous and can cause serious health issues, which are either short or long-term. If you are handling mercury, then you are at risk of exposure. You should always avoid any exposure for your safety.