Have you been searching for liquid mercury suppliers? If so, you know finding one is not always easy. Although you might stumble on a few on the internet, you should not just trust them without conducting proper research. Some of them might be fakes trying to defraud you of your cash. Before purchasing liquid mercury from any supplier, it is essential to understand many things. This article has discussed everything you need to know.

What is mercury?

A transition metal belongs to family/group 12 and is in Period 6 – the only element that is metal but also becomes liquid at room temperatures. Below are the six mercury properties

  • It is silver in color
  • It is a natural element
  • Has a melting point of 37.912 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Its density is 13.55 grams/cm cubed
  • Has a boiling Point of 673.88 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Its State of the matter is Liquid


What is the cost of one gram of mercury?

The cost of mercury differs from one supplier to another. For a reason, when searching for mercury to buy, it is essential to compare prices among different vendors to find one with a suitable amount. As suppliers, we have done our research to answer this question and found out that the average cost of 100g of mercury is around 48 dollars. However, if you purchase in bulk, the price might be much lower.

How do you use red mercury liquid?

You will find so much information out there about the uses of red mercury. According to a reliable report, red mercury liquid is a cherry red liquid made by irradiating mercury antimony oxide and elemental mercury in a Russian nuclear reactor. Some individuals think red mercury is hugely explosive and they can use it to trigger a fusion reaction in deuterium-tritium mixture or tritium.

Is liquid mercury very costly?

Mostly, the vendor determines the cost of liquid mercury. Some malicious vendors have tried to push the agenda that it is a scarce and expensive product so that they can exploit those buyers without enough knowledge of the element. The truth is mercury is not costly like other elements since you can quickly get it from producers. You can find mercury naturally in elemental liquid form, but it is uncommon. Mercury element is the only liquid recognized as a mineral by the IMA (International Mineralogical Association)

Where can you get liquid mercury?

Note that liquid mercury is mercury at room temperature. Finding large amounts of liquid mercury is by any chance impossible. Even finding it in significant quantities in its standard state is very rare. Commonly found in the ore cinnabar, the mineraloid should undergo heating and condensing process for you to obtain it.

What are the typical uses of mercury?

Note that mercury has several uses and people use it in many appliances. The main instruments that you can find mercury are barometers, thermometers, and sphygmomanometers. Additionally, generally, mercury is in items that measure temperature or data. You can also find mercury in dental fillings (silver amalgam form), people use it for electric switches, fluorescent lamps, and mercury diffusion pumps to form a high vacuum, in batteries and chemical pesticides.

Some fun facts you should know about mercury

Mercury is very poisonous and can kill you. It is extremely dangerous! If you find a broken barometer, thermometer or a sphygmomanometer in any building, you should ask for evacuation immediately because mercury is potentially poisonous and very dangerous.
Fires in Alaska and continental United States release around 44 mercury tons annually
Anyone that breathes in mercury vapor risks developing brain damage
Mercury is very dense, and cannon balls can float in it

Can you buy liquid mercury from us?

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When purchasing liquid mercury, it is crucial to understand the element and the reason you are buying it. As mentioned earlier, this product is extremely poisonous, and you should use and handle it with care. As online vendors, we have resources to help you do this. Contact us today to make your order.