Mercury is a very popular element especially because of its uses. However, did you know that mercury comes in other forms such as red mercury, silver mercury, and dimethylmercury? If you have heard or read about mercury poisoning from seafood, then there is a chance you have come across the term dimethylmercury. Mercury poisoning because of consuming seafood is because of the toxic form methylmercury, which occurs when mercury dissolves in water. All creatures in the sea can absorb methylmercury from the water.

Before we discuss further, there are certain things you should know.

What is mercury?

A naturally occurring chemical element found in a rock in the crust of the earth including in coal deposits. It has the symbol Hg is the periodic table and exists in several forms such as metallic, methylmercury, and inorganic mercury compounds.

Methylmercury or other organic compounds of mercury can be because of mercury combines with carbon. Mercury is converted into methylmercury by microscopic creatures – it is the most common natural form of mercury in the environment.

What are the uses of metallic or elemental mercury?

Metallic mercury is the most common form of mercury. A silver-white, shiny metal becomes liquid at room temperature. In the past, people used it to make fluorescent light bulbs, electrical switches, and a thermometer. If you drop metallic mercury, it breaks into smaller particles that can pass through small cracks or attach themselves to specific materials. At room temperature, the element can evaporate to form an odorless, invisible toxic vapor. It creates the same if heated too. The elemental mercury forms organic substances such as methylmercury when reacted with another element. These inorganic compounds take the form of mercury salts are mostly crystals or powder apart from mercuric sulfide that is red.  The use of most inorganic compounds has so far been discontinued.

Effects of mercury emissions into the air

Mercury is a significant issue for the environment when it gets to the environment or water from its rock. The release to the atmosphere can be natural. Both forest fires and volcanoes send mercury into the environment. However, human activities are responsible for most of the mercury found in the environment. The burning of oil, coal, and wood as fuel can cause mercury to be airborne, as can burning stuff that contains mercury. The airborne mercury can fall on the earth in raindrops, deposits, or just dust. The number of mercury deposits in a given place will depend on how much mercury released from regional, local, national and international sources.

Treatment of mercury poisoning

If you suspect mercury poisoning, treatment will involve eliminating any exposure to mercury. Doctors will recommend that you stop taking any food that might have caused the poisoning. It poisoning is because of the environment; the medical practitioner might suggest you change the setting to reduce the exposure.  You should note that treatment would differ from one person to another. In severe cases, you might need chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is a method of eliminating mercury from the vital organs so that your body can dispose of it. During chelation therapy, doctors use drugs that bind to mercury in your blood, and your body will eliminate them via urine. In most cases where there is a high risk of exposure, an antidote might help in preventing mercury poisoning.

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Can you get a lethal methylmercury dose?

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